Monday, April 21, 2008

Just $6 Per Week: the Real Cost of Slim4Life

"Just $6 per week!" We've all heard those words coming from our radios, but is that really all Slim4Life costs?

The short answer is no. When you first go for your free consultation, you'll quickly learn that the Slim4Life program consists of far more than just your weekly service fees. Expect to purchase drink mixes, snacks, dietary supplements, and more.

At the time I signed up in Spring, 2008, the weekly service fees had just been raised to $9 per week. Prior to that, they had been at $5, but are typically around $6 per week.

You'll be quoted a price for 52 weeks of service. This cost is stated as non-refundable, but is covered under their weight loss guarantee, more on this in a future post. In addition to the service fee, you will be billed a $210 setup fee, and a varying amount for your first month's supplements and first weeks snacks and drinks.

Because I paid the full cost up front I received a discount. My total start up costs were $618 and change. Even if you don't plan on prepaying, you can save an additional $50 by scheduling your free consultation online at

All the products purchased from Slim4Life can not be exchanged or refunded. You can save a little by buying in bulk from your Slim4Life Weight Loss Center, but you can save even more by purchasing the very same products at or on Ebay.


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